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Crossover International

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Crossover International

About Us

Crossover Productions was founded by Jordana Glick-Franzheim to originate, develop and produce groundbreaking television, films and documentaries. Together with Cristina Colissimo, they lead a proudly independent collective of filmmakers and storytellers who are committed to bringing unique, innovative and compelling stories that make a difference to audiences worldwide.


Jordana Glick-Franzheim

Founder, Executive Producer

Jordana has over twenty-five years of experience as a creative and line producer on both studio and independent entertainment projects. 

Her producing credits include What’s Your Number starring Anna Faris for 20th Century Fox, Extraordinary Measures starring Harrison Ford for CBS Films; Youth In Revolt for the Weinstein Company starring Michael Cera; Management, starring Jennifer Aniston; The Marc Pease Experience, starring Ben Stiller and Jason Schwarzman and Freedom Writers, starring Hilary Swank.

She began her career at Walt Disney Studios and before returning to America she produced the German language film Diamonds and the feature documentary Shooting In The Line Of Fire.




Cristina Colissimo

Executive Producer, Writer, Director

Cristina heads up Crossover’s development and production efforts, originating, developing and creating content while cultivating talent and relationships with innovative storytellers and like-minded producing partners.  As a screenwriter she has several feature projects in active development including Modern English, The Big Dump and Altitude. 

Before joining Crossover Productions, Cristina produced, wrote and directed several independent projects, Stories from the Streets of L.A. and Vineyard, to name a few. She began her career working on feature films such as True Lies, Drop Zone and Just Cause, then as Carrie Fisher’s story editor on projects such as The Wedding Singer, Kate & Leopold and The Mirror has Two Faces.

Cristina is also the co-founder and Executive Director of Ahali Elephants, a non-profit she and Jordana began to provide for one very lucky elephant named Flora, that has expanded to protect elephants and their natural habitats.


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At Crossover Productions we value integrity – a consistency of actions, values, principles and outcomes. We are committed to making quality entertainment that adds value to the world we live in. As hands-on producers who have been involved with both independent and studio projects, our commitment begins from project inception through to distribution and often beyond to support the various outreach campaigns associated with many of our projects.