Birthday: March 3, 1982
Birthplace: Zimbabwe, Africa
Birth status: Wild born, orphaned when she was 2
Current Height: 8' 9"
Current Weight: 10,125 lbs.
Favorite Food: Watermelon

Flora was born in Zimbabwe on the African continent at a time when the elephant population was being decimated by ivory poachers and government sanctioned cullings. Flora lost her mother and her entire family, and was relocated to the United States where she was purchased by and elephant broker. Upon her arrival in America, Flora was adopted by David Balding, who became her guardian and surrogate "mother". Flora soon found herself at the center of a circus that still bares her name. Flora performed in the circus for over 18 years, and while an assortment of human and animal friends provided a sense of a family life, David soon realized that she needed to be with other elephants.

If you are interested in ways to help support Flora please visit Ahali Elephants, the volunteer non-profit that was founded to care for her future: Ahali Elephants